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Hood Depot gets Greener with Four New Energy-Saving Devices

1. Energy Logic Control Panel

Energy Logic Control Panel Hood ControllerIf your cooking operation runs 12 to 24 hours per day, an energy logic control panel will save you money! The new Energy Logic Hood Controller can be installed in nearly any commercial kitchen hood system. When made part of your system, the electronic control panel matches energy use to the load requirements that vary throughout the day, unlike conventional systems that waste energy by always running at peak output Heat-activated exhaust sensors monitor cooking operation and modulate fans, running them as low as 50% during off hours (saving energy from 20 to 60 percent) often paying for itself in less than two years! The control panel extends equipment life too, with less wear on motors, fans, belts and mechanical parts. Best of all, you’ll enhance employee comfort by reducing hood/exhaust noise and providing a cooler kitchen environment.

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2. KAP Air Purifier

KAP Air PurifierHood Depot’s air purifier effectively removes 99% of grease, smoke and odor from restaurant kitchens -without the loss of costly cooled air by inefficient venting or pressure imbalance. Our unit incorporates one of the most energy efficient exhaust blowers in the industry and our two-stage filtration method reduces energy-wasting filter clogs. Significant odor abatement protects guests and neighbors from objectionable smells.

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3. Kitchen Cool Air Handler

Kitchen Cool Air HandlerUsing only unconditioned air through kitchen hood plenums is prohibitively expensive, with much of the conditioned air lost through the exhaust canopy. Factor in peak summer heat and you have a ventilation system that eats up your profit. By pre-cooling the makeup air to 75º-78º, the unit’s DX (Direct Expansion) coil unit provides greater comfort at a fraction of the usual cost of using 100% outside air. Kitchen Cool’s supply air unit can be supplied as an outdoor packaged unit or as a split system for indoor or outdoor. The unit includes integrated air supply fan, MERV-rated filtration range from 8-99 DOP and DX coil heat exchanger enclosed in a cabinet fitted to your supply air duct. Kitchen Cool greatly improves staff comfort and reduces turnover. Seven sizes are available.

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4. L.E.D. Hood Lighting

L.E.D. Hood LightingRecessed LED Energy Saver Hood Lamps 90 to 260 VAC, these 24”, 36” and 48” light emitting diode lamps produce the highest lumen output per watt energy cost available today. Powered by low voltage, the LED fixture uses half the energy of fluorescent and a quarter of the energy cost of incandescent hood lights! As the light technology of the future, this fixture uses many small light-emitting-diode lights that last far longer than conventional lights.

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