The Right Kitchen Exhaust Fan can protect your Investment

Kitchen Exhaust Fan for Commercial Restaurants

Any commercial kitchen operator or restaurateur knows that if the correct kitchen exhaust fan is not in place a grease fire can wipe out the entire area. Even with a sprinkler system thousands of dollars in damage can happen in an instant. While insurance may replace the area that has been damaged, what happens to all the sales that were missed because of downtime?

Kitchen exhaust fans have kept up with advancing technology. Wall hoods are now available where the kitchen owner can purchase a single exhaust only canopy or go all out with a wall style compensated exhaust canopy with external front or rear supply plenum .

For all those salad bars and steam tables there are now a host of different Island Hood choices. There is a simple island style exhaust canopy, an internally compensated exhaust canopy or a single island compensated exhaust canopy with perforated face – and everything in between. Plus there are low wall hoods as well as specialty hoods.

One thing that a buyer wants to be sure of is that the company manufacturing the hood can also provide pre-piped fire suppression systems that can be completely integrated for safer operation against grease and other types of food preparation fire hazards. It gives everyone greater peace of mind knowing that the new kitchen exhaust fan works hand in hand with other products that have great features and benefits.

Looking through a catalog or on-line for a kitchen exhaust fan for a school, restaurant or food preparation company can be intimidating while at the same time appears easy. You may see one that catches your eye – but is it the right fan for your specific purpose? It is a huge advantage when the manufacturer has not only customer service reps who can handle frequently asked questions, but also has a staff of knowledgeable professionals who can help you assess your needs and wants and make logical, cost-effective suggestions.

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