Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: Does my grease hood need a fire system?

A: Yes. Grease laden vapors are the number one cause of kitchen fires. The fire system can be integrated in the hood by the maker or installed by a separate contractor.

Q: Is stainless steel the only finish?

A: While stainless is preferred for the interior capture surface of a hood, the outer surface can be finished with heat-resist paint of customer’s choice or finished in alternative metal finish, e.g., copper, wrought iron, etc.

Q: Why does grease vapor spill out from under hood?

A: Several correctable causes:
1. Insufficient exhaust air for cooking load
2. Undersized capture hood
3. Cross-drafts or nearby air curtain
4. Insufficient supply air

Q: Can exhaust be located at back of hood instead of at the top?

A: Yes, but with size limitations and not for some types of hoods.

Q: My local building department is dragging its feet with approvals. What can I do?

A: Your hood vendor/distributor can and should assist you in preparing and expediting approval processes of building, fire and health departments.

Q: What are Type I and Type II hoods?

A: Type I is for grease vapors and/or smoke. Type II is for fumes, steam, odor or heat but not grease or smoke. Type I can also serve for Type II applications but not vice-versa.

Q: Is the extra cost of an on-demand system worth the savings?

A: Yes. Today’s energy costs make the ondemand upgrade an essential cost container that often pays for itself in less than a year.

Q: If my fan squeaks, can it be adjusted?

A: A loose fan belt usually requires replacement, not adjustment.

Q: Are all HD hoods guaranteed?

A: Our one-year warranty applies to all of our hoods and is an industry leader in user-protection.

Q: How established is Hood Depot?

A: For over 50 years the owners and management of HD have been in the restaurant ventilation and equipment industry, serving customers from coast to coast and around the world. Current projects include military food services in Afghanistan. Hood Depot has shipped to 21 countries in the last year alone.

Q: Which systems require make-up air?

A: National and local codes require make-up air in all cases.

Q: How supportive is Hood Depot after the sale?

A: HD provides impeccable support both from our national center in South Florida and through our extensive network of representatives across the country, in Canada, throughout the Americas and overseas.

Q: How often should hood & ducts be cleaned?

A: It depends on the cooking application: While code requires twice-per-year cleaning, we suggest every 60 days for charbroilers and wood burning (or 24-hour kitchens), 90 days for fast food kitchens; 90-180 days for average restaurants and institutional kitchens; 180 days for pizzerias.

Q: Does my non-grease pizza hood require a fire system?

A: No. Heat-only pizza hoods and vaporcondensate (steam only) do not require fire suppression systems but should be located in an area with general fire protection such as a sprinkler system.

Q: Do American ventilation standards generally agree with foreign standards?

A: U.S. standards are generally the strictest world-wide, while standards of other countries are generally not as stringent.